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Scripture on the Silver Screen

Adele Reinhartz. Scripture on the Silver Screen Authors:Adele Reinhartz.
Price:2371 rub.

Book Summary:
Book Description"Surely the extensive and broad-ranging use of the Bible in popular films demonstrates how important it is that everyone know something about the Bible, or at least acquire some basic familiarity with its contents. . . . Knowledge of the Bible is important not only for understanding the masterpieces of Western civilization; looking at Hollywood films through the lens of the Bible also reveals the importance of scripture for our ability to appreciate popular culture." ?from the Introduction Eloquently written and meticulously researched, Scripture on the Silver Screen offers all students of scripture?whether in an academic classroom or at home?an inviting new way to further their biblical literacy. By exploring theways the Bible and its contents are appropriated in popular movies, Reinhartz implores her readers toward discerning instances of the "Hollywood Hermeneutic," where the Bible is often used as a prop, from movies that have successfully...

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