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A Companion to Latin American Film (Monografias A)

Stephen M. Hart. A Companion to Latin American Film (Monografias A) Authors:Stephen M. Hart.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionLatin-American cinema has seen major developments in the past half-century, to a level where some of the most exciting work in contemporary film now originates there - most recently Amores perros, referred to as Love's a Bitch (2001) and City of God (2002). This Companion begins with a history of Latin-American cinema from its beginnings in the mid 1890s to the present day, with particular attention to the early period when it was dominated by foreign film makers (or foreign models such as Hollywood) and to the 1960s when as a genre it found its feet - the New Latin American Cinema movement. Detailed analysis of the best twenty-five films of Latin America follows, each one covered in depth: cast and crew, awards, plots, themes and techniques. The 'Guide to Further Reading' includes all the important books, articles and Internet sites. FILMS: Que viva Mexico Los olvidados Dos tipos de cuidado Orfeu Negro Memorias del subdesarrollo Lucia El chacal de...

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