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Lacan and Contemporary Film

Todd McGowan, Sheila Kunkle. Lacan and Contemporary Film Authors:Todd McGowan, Sheila Kunkle.
Publisher:Other Press
Price:3221 rub.

Book Summary:
This unique volume collects a series of essays that link new developments in Lacanian psychoanalytic theory and recent trends in contemporary cinema. Though Lacanian theory has long had a privileged place in the analysis of film, film theory has tended to ignore some of Lacan's most important ideas. As a result, Lacanian film theory has never properly integrated the disruptive and troubling aspects of the filmic experience that result from the encounter with the Real that this experience makes possible. Many contemporary theorists emphasize the importance of the encounter with the Real in Lacan's thought, but rarely in discussions of film. By bringing the encounter with the Real into the dialogue of film theory, the contributors to this volume present a new version of Lacan to the world of film studies. These essays bring this rediscovered Lacan to bear on contemporary cinema through analysis of a wide variety of films including Memento, Eyes Wide Shut, Breaking the Waves, and...

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