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Lost In The Fifties: Recovering Phantom Hollywood

Wheeler Winston Dixon. Lost In The Fifties: Recovering Phantom Hollywood Authors:Wheeler Winston Dixon.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionLost in the Fifties: Recovering Phantom Hollywood reveals two 1950s: an era glorified in Hollywood movies and a darker reality reflected in the esoteric films of the decade. Renowned film scholar Wheeler Winston Dixon turns to the margins?the television shows and films of a hidden Hollywood?to offer an authentic view of the 1950s that counters the Tinsel-town version. Dixon examines the lost films and directors of the decade. Through the lens of lesser-known works, heexposes a darker side of American life. Contrasting traditional themes of love, marriage, and family, Dixon?s 1950s film world unveils once-taboo issues of rape, prostitution, and gangs. Television shows such as Captain Midnight and Ramar of the Jungle are juxtaposed with the cheerful world of I Love Lucy and Howdy Doody. Highlighting directors including Herbert L. Strock, Leslie Martinson, Arnold Laven, and Charles Haas, Dixon provides new insights on the television series Racquet...

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