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The Mexican Filmography: 1916 Through 2001

David E. Wilt. The Mexican Filmography: 1916 Through 2001 Authors:David E. Wilt.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionMexican cinema has largely been overlooked by international film scholars because of a lack of English?language information and the fact that Spanish?language information was difficult to find and often out of date. This comprehensive filmography helps fill the need for a single source for basic information on Mexican films. Arranged by year of release and then by title, the filmography contains entries that include basic information (film and translated title, productioncompany, genre, director, cast), a plot summary, and additional information about the film. To be included, a film must meet the following criteria: it must be a Mexican production or co-production, feature length (one hour or more, although exceptions are made for silent films), fictional (documentaries and compilation films are not included unless the topic relates to Mexican cinema; some docudramas and films with recreated or staged scenes are included), and theatrically released or...

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