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Mob Culture: Hidden Histories Of The American Gangster Film

Esther Sonnet. Mob Culture: Hidden Histories Of The American Gangster Film Authors:Esther Sonnet.
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Book Summary:
Book Description"This book does a fine job at what it sets out to do?redefine the American gangster genre. It convincingly exposes and documents the exhausted nature of criticism on the genre, explores important overlooked material, and introduces new approaches."?William Luhr, Saint Peter?s College "Beyond The Godfather and Little Caesar this highly original anthology uncovers new aspects of the gangster genre, from its dress codes to its relation to government investigation, from gangsters on nickelodeon screens to HBO series, from tong wars in Chinatown to the African American gangster in race films."?Tom Gunning, University of Chicago Sinister, swaggering, yet often sympathetic, the figure of the gangster has stolen and murdered its way into the hearts of American cinema audiences. Despite the enduring popularity of the gangster film, however, traditional criticism has focused almost entirely on a few canonical movies such as Little Caesar, Public Enemy,...

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