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Films of Makhmalbaf: Cinema, Politics and Culture in Iran

Eric Egan. Films of Makhmalbaf: Cinema, Politics and Culture in Iran Authors:Eric Egan.
Publisher:Mage Publishers
Price:3003 rub.

Book Summary:
The rise of Iranian cinema to world prominence over the last few decades is one of the most fascinating cultural stories of our time. There is hardly an international film festival anywhere that does not honor the aesthetic and political explorations of Iranian filmmakers. At the vanguard of this ascent has been Mohsen Makhmalbaf, and no one better personifies Iranian cinema. His life and career have been shaped, and in a way been defined, by the Islamic revolution and the complex historical influences beyond it. Critically, vividly, and sometimes pitilessly, Makhmalbaf's films provide a mirror of Iranian history and culture, both before and after the cataclysm of the revolution. From the start, Makhmalbaf has explored the relationship between the individual and a larger social and political environment. As a result, his work serves as an extended commentary on the historical progression of the Iranian state and its people. And if Makhmalbaf's films are at times polemic, he...

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