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Teh Film Industry in Argentina: An Illustrated Cultural History

Jorge Finkielman. Teh Film Industry in Argentina: An Illustrated Cultural History Authors:Jorge Finkielman.
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Book Summary:
Book DescriptionArgentina fell in love with movies as soon as they were first exhibited in 1896. Even before World War I, Argentina was one of the biggest film markets in the world and continues to be a major film market today. This history of theArgentine film industry?starting with the earliest film exhibitions in 1897?covers film music, broadcasting, the introduction of film with sound, the impact of the American film industry on the Argentine, the industrialization of Argentine film, Hollywood films in Spanish, the tango in film and local stars. Reference material includes filmographic information and reviews from numerous publications. Photographs offer a look at film stills, promotions, and the people involved in the industry, andan index provides quick access to names and titles.

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