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Madness and Cinema : Psychoanalysis, Spectatorship and Culture

Patrick Fuery. Madness and Cinema : Psychoanalysis, Spectatorship and Culture Authors:Patrick Fuery.
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Book Summary:
Book Description Madness and Cinema offers a radical approach to the issue of what happens when we watch films. By exploring cinema's relationship to meaning and proposing new ways to read cinema through psychoanalysis, this book develops the idea that the spectator engages in what has previously been described as an act of madness. By considering some of the key concepts from Freud and Lacan, as well as ideas from Derrida and Foucault, we are shown the common features that cinema and madness share. The film spectator is shown as the psychotic, neurotic and hysteric, as the book examines the ways in which the foundations of culture and meaning are challenged when we become the spectator of a film.

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