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Digital Filmmaking for Teens (For Teens)

Pete Shaner. Digital Filmmaking for Teens (For Teens) Authors:Pete Shaner.
Price:2986 rub.

Book Summary:
Book Description You don?t have to invest a small fortune, own expensive gear, and employ an army of technicians to create a movie. Today?s high-tech tools will fit in your backpack and don?t require the financial backing of a major movie studio, making this the first generation in the history of moviemaking that doesn?t have to beg for big bucks to put its stories on the screen. ?Digital Filmmaking for Teens? emphasizes Hollywood?style moviemaking, the way the pros do it. You?ll learn how to tell your story on a budget, using tips from industry veterans. Not sure where to start? No problem. You?ll cover each step?from developing your idea and writing a script to planning for production, shooting, and editing. ?Digital Filmmaking for Teens? includes an amazing DVD packed with advice, instructional videos, and examples.

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