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Reel Spirituality,: Theology and Film in Dialogue (Engaging Culture)

Robert K. Johnston. Reel Spirituality,: Theology and Film in Dialogue (Engaging Culture) Authors:Robert K. Johnston.
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Book Summary:
The motion picture is an art form that has significantly influenced human culture. Films can shape our perceptions-from relationships and careers to good and evil. They are often a window into the human soul, a glimpse that can be both terrifying and holy. In view of the increasingly powerful role that movies play in our cultural dialogue, Robert K. Johnston, professor of theology and culture at Fuller Theological Seminary, has written a book to guide Christian moviegoers into a theological analysis of and conversation with film. Reel Spirituality: Theology and Film in Dialogue is the first title in the new Baker Academic series Engaging Culture. Intended for use in the college and seminary classroom, Reel Spirituality helps Christians interpret movies through the eyes of faith. It provides the theological underpinnings for this art form and fosters both dialogue and discipleship. Among the more than 200 movies Johnston cites are American Beauty, The Apostle, The English...

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